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Piligrim caving club is located in Minusinsk, Russia. It was founded in 1986 with support from local rescue service. Club is oriented mostly on youths of ages 10-17. The idea is to get them involved in tourism instead of crime, drugs, terrorism, etc. So every weekend they get together and go caving, hiking, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, rafting or just camping out in the woods. But because the Club is a non-profit organization it has to run fund-raising campaigns regularly to provide for new equipment purchases, headquarters rent and utility bills, staff salaries and outreach activities. This is why the Action Team was formed out of most experienced club members to arrange tours of Siberia for international visitors. So far it has been caving, maybe because the caves are numerous over here. In fact caving has other advantages: no moskitos, no bad weather, almost year-round, many caves are accessible by car so it saves time, each cave is unique and usually there is at least some potential for new discoveries. But in most cases the tour ends up being a combination of many elements, so it is very important to start negotiating details early, preferably by e-mail. The Action Team is on the picture above. I am a part of it. Not all of us are available for every expedition, because we are students, but you will always have a group leader, a guide, an interpretor and a driver. Guides and drivers may switch depending on the designated area. The group leader is usually Alexandr Mavrov (top center), the interpretor - me, Dmitri Perliev (bottom). Our transport is Toyota Hiace 4wd van, that can fit 9 people plus we have a trailer for baggage. This is why the maximum number of foreign participants is limited to 6. We meet every group at arrival point and take them through the entire trip. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hosting you soon. Most respectfully,

Dmitri Perliev, Piligrim Secretary

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